Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 down, 2 to go

 10 months only comes once, here are a few pictures I took to mark it. Maybe one day I'll get to be in some of them! =)

Obviously I'm a first-timer

The past couple of days Wyatt has been fussier then usual. And for a boy that can go most days without fussing or crying at all, when he does fuss we know that something is up. So I felt around in that little mouth of his and sure enough, he has two teeth on the top that are trying their hardest to come through. Right now he has 3 teeth, his two bottom middle teeth and one on the top just left of his center tooth. They all came through relatively easy, but these ones are proving differently so far. So the other night as I was getting him ready for bed I though, "hmm Wyatt, how about a little ora-jel on those teeth?" Well...he has never had this before so what an adventure that was. First trying to put some on a little squirmy boy that doesn't want your fingers in his mouth to begin with was a challenge, but his face that followed I'm not sure words can even describe. I thought steam was going to come out of his ears he turned bright red and his eyes got nice and wide and the most startled look came across his face followed by pure shock. I'm sure if he could talk the next words out of his mouth would have been a string of profanities followed by "What the heck was that?" As if that wasn't enough.....I gave him the ora-jel before I finished nursing him for the night, so I attempt to finish and what ensued had me laughing so hard I was crying! Apparently in my attempt to bring some comfort to his gums I had also numbed his lips because he kept trying to nurse and close his mouth to do so but couldn't feel his mouth and would pull away and squish his mouth up and make the funniest faces, he tried again and again, I'm sure he was so confused! At one point he even reach up and grabbed his lips like "work you stupid things!" I felt bad but it was so funny that Wyatt even started laughing because I was laughing! At least he's already learned to laugh at himself, now I just need to learn proper application for Ora-jel!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Historic Day!

Not only was this the day 40 years ago the we landed on the moon, this was the day 10 months ago that my wiggly Wyatt was born! It is hard to believe that just around the corner is his first birthday! I think I am in a little bit of denial about him turning one. I see it as a transition from a baby to a toddler, yet in my eyes he is still my little baby! I suspect in a mother's eyes though, her children are always her little babies. Nowadays my heart swells with pride when I look at his smiling face. He is on the verge of walking, and is getting into and exploring everything! He is so happy and easy going and I want to just hold him and cuddle him close in my arms, but my squirmy little boy just wants to get down and play instead. So I may be guilty of rocking him a few extra minutes at night, and letting him fall asleep in my arms. His rosy cheek resting on my arm and his mouth falling open just like his Daddy's. But I just cant resist, and he always smells so sweet and clean when I kiss his soft skin. I sit in the dark silence of his bedroom and listen to him breath and try to record every detail of the moment in my mind, and lock it away. Then on those days when he is a teenager and giving me hell, I can look back at these days that mean everything to me and smile. So here's a look at my boy, 10 months old and full of fire!

Also even though I'm a little late now, On July 11th my parents celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary!! Congratulations!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well we are back from yet another vacation and settling back into our normal routine. We took a trip to Georgia for the wedding of my brother, Josh, and Misty. It was a beautiful wedding, that took place on a perfect cloudless day, and everything went off without a hitch!! I didn't take a lot of photographs in Georgia because I was trying my hand out at being a single mom (Justin had to stay behind for work) but man were my hands full. Luckily I have a very helpful and willing family that pitched in with Wyatt so I was actually able to lay by the pool and get a tan! My Aunt Kathy however did take the pictures at the wedding and they turned out amazingly! We had the perfect picturesque golf course to take the pictures on, but even so her creative eye and skill made for a ton of great pictures for Josh & Misty. You can see them here
Here are a couple of my pictures from our trip to Papa's farm.

Wyatt and Papa reading "Pat The Bunny"

Pet peacock on the farm
After roasting in the Georgia sun to a nice crisp, it was off to Oregon to meet up with Justin and his family. I had never been before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I have to say, Oregon, you surpassed my expectations. Aside from weather that was mostly gray, we were able to get out and see what Oregon had to offer. Despite the weather we visited a few great beaches, and I have sand in everything to prove it. Wyatt could have built a house and moved right in. He was in love with the sand! He was crawling in it, rolling, digging, eating =) just having a blast. He also had his cousins Lilli and Haydn there with him and they are the best of friends despite the 6 and 7 year age gap. Wyatt's face lights up when he sees them! When you get a family together in a beach house for a week, it can go one of two ways, a great time, or a disaster, and I'm happy to say that this trip was the first. We hope to make the family trips an every other summer event. Hopefully Justin finds some extra gold at work to pay for these trips =) Here are some pictures of our time in Oregon, enjoy!

Wyatt, Haydn, and Lilli trying to wash some sand off

Naked handstand

Buried in the sand!

The whole family, Seaside, Oregon

One of my favorites!

Justin and I along the Oregon coast

Sandy Face!

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