Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Wheels and A Proud Heiny

Wyatt has been wishfully eyeing all of the bikes lined up neatly in a row in front of the stores these days. The shiny wheels and bright colors, pulling him in like a magnet. He tried climbing up on the little ones, but his legs couldn't quite reach the ground, yet he didn't seem to care he was just tickled to be on it. So bright and early yesterday morning, out we went, to buy the boy a bike. Of course his would be the three wheeled version, but to him, a bike none the less.

His eyes opened a little wider as we got close to the bikes, and as soon as I picked up a trike a put it in the cart his little hands started clapping like mad and he yelled out "BIKE, BIKE!" We went straight home to perform the necessary test drive, which happened around the kitchen. The trike met, and definitely exceeded Wyatt's expectations, and he even cried when we made him come inside, but his little nose and hands were as red as cherries! The trike already has some miles on it and he hasn't even learned how to use the pedals!

We've also decided to venture into the world of potty training. We've dabbled here before, but nothing serious, so now that he is showing a lot of the readiness signs we figured it's time to give it a go. So today we bought him his first underwear. Justin immediately told him it was a hat, so Wyatt put it on the appropriate body part.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here Lies Spring..

..Buried and watered. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be seeing lots of green growing out of where I planted my seeds today! I'm starting my seeds earlier this year, hoping to yield nice full colorful planter boxes (and save a few dollars!) I had a little pair of hands help me plant the seeds, yet he took the directions of put the seeds in the dirt quite literally..

..and of course was quite proud of himself! So far I only have Snapdragons, sunflowers and Dahlias planted but I plan to do a few more in the next couple days. Grow little flowers grow!

And here are my three little hopeful tomatoes that were gifted to me, I can taste them already!

Seed planting weather means another thing around here, playing outside weather! Wyatt has been itching to get outside and run, yet it has been so windy and we didn't want him to blow away. But today the wind had died down so out we went, and we ran, and threw the ball, and rode the four wheeler and chased the dogs, life is good.

Monday, March 22, 2010

24 Down, 16 To Go

I love seeing pregnant bellies, and thinking to myself "oh my gosh she's huge!" Or, "jeeze, she's tiny!" So bring it on! Here's my ever growing belly at 24 weeks pregnant! 24 weeks = my 6th month!!! YAY!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthdays, Fun and Fish

Our week in Georgia was much enjoyed, but I found myself more excited to be boarding the plane home to see Justin, than I was to leave for vacation in the first place. That's either a testament to a really great husband or a really bad vacation. Our vacation was great, so it must be the first.

Despite a few rain clouds here and there, we had sunny weather with spring buds popping up all around us. The daffodils were in full bloom and Wyatt couldn't help but bending over to smell every single one of them.

As always it is great to see our family down there, and we were all together to celebrate Papa's 90th birthday - an amazing milestone. His age hasn't seemed to slow him down yet and he is busier and more involved in his community than most people half his age. We had a family birthday party Saturday night, followed by a small birthday brunch celebration on Sunday (about 140 people or so!)

The little rain we did have was quickly washed away from our minds with the beautiful rainbow that followed.
And we couldn't travel all the way to Georgia without taking advantage of some of the other things the state has to offer, such as their awesome Aquarium. Wyatt could have spent a week here. His little legs ran so hard and fast from one exhibit to the next. And the look in his eyes was that of pure joy. His small size allowed him to squeeze his way through a mass of much larger bodies and scored him a front row seat at every viewing point. Hands down, the beluga whales were his favorite, this will definitely be a place we visit again with him!

Back from Atlanta we spent time outside running and playing until our legs could go no more. I wondered why I didn't gain any weight while I was there despite all of the wonderful food. But reviewing my pictures reminded me our time spent eating was easily balanced out by our time playing.

And lastly, no trip to Georgia would be complete without a trip to Papa's farm. I was especially excited to take Wyatt this time around since he knows all of the animals and can make the appropriate noises for each one of them. Yet a little to my disappointment, Wyatt's favorite animal....was the dog. He was pretty positive the donkeys were horses, and loved to chase the chickens, put wouldn't pet them. And when Johnny brought out a two week old goat for Wyatt to pet, he ran towards it with wide eyed wonder, that is until that little goat let out a loud cry, and Wyatt ran the other way. Despite being slightly unsure he had a fun time and even collected a few peacock feathers to take home as a souvenir. And we did try to chase the peacock around to get him to spread his feathers, but you would be surprised at how fast they can move!

In Wyatt's short year and a half of life, this has been his third trip to Georgia. And I look forward to many more trips in the years to come as our family grows.

Monday, March 8, 2010

3, 2, 1...Blast Off

Admittedly, I am the queen of last minute packing. Even for our honeymoon, a European cruise, I packed the day we left. Yet the wheels of change seem to be a turning in this mommy brain of mine, and I started packing FOUR whole days in advance!

We leave tomorrow night, so this evening we tied up all of the loose ends:

We washed our hair

Made a few baskets

Left a goodbye note for Dad

Said goodbye to our friends

Got the wiggles out

Returned a few e-mails
Checked to make sure we packed everything
Tested to see if we could really "live out of a suitcase" (Wyatt says it hurts his neck)
And lastly made sure we could close our suitcase with everything inside!
Looks like we are all set to go, Georgia here we come!!
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