Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

As 2008 draws to a close I think about what an amazing year this has been for our family. Starting way back in January, when we found out we were expecting - which wasn't a huge surprise, but exciting none the less! So following that, obviously for me that next nine months just dragged by. I spent the first three being best friends with the toilet, the next three trying to guess what was in there and find clothes that fit, and the last three walking all over town trying to get him to come out. And somewhere in the middle of that Justin and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, and our four year anniversary of when we started dating! And then....the moment we had all waited for, three days after my birthday, on September 20, we welcomed our son into the world after a wonderful 17 hour labor :) After that, in stark contrast to first nine months of the year, these last three have just flown by. Already Wyatt has hit so many milestones and has turned our world completely upside down, but in a very good way. This coming year has a lot in store for us, our son is going to be a coast to coast traveler before he is a year old! We look forward to seeing what each new day will bring and can only hope that 2009 will slow down just a little so that we can soak it all in. Here's wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


To me the holiday's mean family, and when I think family I am reminded of how truly blessed we are. I can't imagine what Christmas would be like without our family nearby. We are fortunate enough to have both Justin's and my families here in town and we are able to see them often. Christmas Eve Justin had to work but Wyatt and I went to Justin's Grandparent's house for their Christmas celebration. Obviously Wyatt didn't know it was a party because he cried almost the whole time. There were a lot of people and he was passed around to a million different people so I don't blame him I would cry too! Christmas day was much better though, we spent the morning at home opening presents then went over to My parent's house for presents and dinner. I am so glad that as my brother's and I have gotten older that we have become good friends, and I actually look forward to getting together with them. Family is very important to me and I am glad that they are around to share the holidays together, and even though Charles is in Idaho this year we have stayed close. So overall we had a great Christmas and I am thankful for all the gifts I have in my life, my family, my health, and many wonderful friends to share this with. We hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas too!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roll Baby Roll

I know we get far more enjoyment out of him rolling over then he does!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body

Justin and I feel blessed to have such a large group of family and friends spread across the country. However that also means it is hard to stay in touch with everyone. So we set up this blog with the idea that it will give our friends & family a peek into our world and keep everyone up to date with our family.

That being said, I can not believe that our son is almost 3 months old already! Everyone said the time will fly and they sure were right. It brings tears to my eyes to think that it just seems like yesterday when I held him for the first time. I know that time will continue to fly so everyday I hold him tight and kiss him a million times. I treasure every smile and little coo, they just melt my heart. Also within the past two weeks he has started to roll! Just a few times now but I know it won't be long before he is on the move! And by far the news I'm happiest to report is that last night for the very first time he slept for 7 hours! This was quite a change to the usual 2-3 and I kept waking to check on him. I hope it wasn't just a one time deal!

This past week I decided to go back to work two days a week. Sunday was my first day and I only worked four hours, but boy was it hard to be away from Wyatt. He was with his very capable Daddy but it was still hard to be away and even harder when I called home and heard him crying in the background! Even though he has a lot of Daddy time, he is a Mamma's boy and had a hard time. So I hope that it will get easier for him next week or I will be "forced" to be a stay at home Mom :)
We will try to keep this up to date so check back in with us!
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