Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well it finally happened. My trusty old computer that I got when I graduated high school has finally met its demise. It came in the form of a power surge. Luckily I had all of my pictures backed up! So for now we are computer less which means less blogging(although I have to admit I've been slacking lately). But with a crawling, climbing, cruising, teething, eating wonderful son, I have my hands full anyways! We are very much enjoying or summer though we have had great weather in the 70's mostly, with much needed breaks of rain every few days. Right now I'm used to this "hot" alaskan weather but next week it is off to Georgia! Wyatt and I will travel down for my brother Josh's wedding on July 4th. With family coming in from the surrounding states and a lot of wedding details to take care of, it won't be as relaxing as our normal visits to Papa's but it will still be great to see everyone again. I think I'll have to start cranking up the heat and running the humidifier in Wyatt's room at night to get him used to the 100 degree+ weather that they have been having in Georgia! After we spend the week in Georgia we will be flying over to Oregon to meet Justin and his family on the coast in Seaside. We have rented a beach house for everyone to stay in which will definitely make for a interesting trip! By the time July is over Wyatt and I will need a vacation from our vacations, just to rest up and sleep in our own beds! I will definitely post pictures of the upcoming nuptials and our vacation antics when I get a chance. Until then I hope everyone is soaking up the summer sun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This day two years ago I married my best friend and my soul mate. Surrounded by our family and friends we said our vows and enjoyed a great time. Two years later our love has only grown with the addition of Wyatt to our lives. I love you Justin, Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more to come!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Sun Calling My Name

I have been asking and asking for a new tree for our yard. So for Mother's Day, Justin bought me a crabapple tree that we planted along the driveway opposite our chokecherry tree, let's hope it makes it through the winter!
With our summer in full swing and temperatures in the 70's we needed a little cool down. So we broke out Wyatt's pool and he took a dip. I was tempted to climb in there with him, but I spared the neighbors that sight

Maggie and Macie showing some summer loving


Well, I have to apologize, I've been caught up in the lure of the summer sun and have been out enjoying every minute of it! So as you might have noticed, it's been a while since I've updated so I'm going to do my best here to travel back in the past month here and play catch up!

At the beginning of May, Wyatt and I accompanied Justin on our very first trip to Minnesota. Justin's dad's family lives there so we were able to visit with all of them as well as attend his cousin CJ's wedding. Justin had warned me that Bemidji, Minnesota didn't have much to offer, and let me tell you he was right. It was pretty small, but we did get to see several neat things. We took a drive with Justin's dad up to the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi, which isn't quite so mighty at the beginning, but it was a beautiful location to see. We also took pictures with Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox, Wyatt looked like a speck next to them! The highlight of our trip was the Wedding. CJ and Lexi had a beautiful wedding that was a lot of fun. We ate and danced and I was able to meet so many people from Justin's extended family. While we were down there we stayed with Justin's relatives and I think Wyatt would have been happy just staying there. He was in love with his cousins Maija and Taylor and his face would light up when he saw them. He even let Uncle Karson and Aunt Wendy babysit him! That is a big deal considering his only other babysitters have been his grandparents! He loved the whole family and probably would have been happy to move in! So even though at first Minnesota sounded a little boring to me, I would be happy to go and visit again anytime!

Wyatt at the headwaters

Busting a move with Maija at the wedding

With Paul, can you see him there on the ground?

Us at the wedding

All of the grandchildren and great grandchildren!

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