Monday, December 27, 2010

And Then, Life Happened

I suppose that having my days filled with children, and "work" and getting ready for the holidays, isn't a bad thing. And that I'm so busy that when I finally sit down at night, the very last thing I want to do, is write a blog post. My cup is full, and it's spilling over the edge, forming a pool around the base. But, now that holidays are over, I can loosen my collar a little bit, and maybe just maybe, slump into the corner of the couch, with a nice big cup of coffee, and have a little time to relax and catch up.
The condensed version of it though, is that life is good. I feel like I say that so often in my posts that I may sound a little hokey, but it's so true. Our month has been busy with cookie parties, visiting with family, photo sessions, making and shopping for Christmas presents, holiday decorating, and all that life throws our way.

Justin and his sisters

(Ben and his Godmother/Aunt Emily)

And The boys, well, they are just splendid. Ben's a sitting champ, and trying so hard to pull those little chubby knees up under himself so that he can just go and catch his big brother who never seems to slow down. Ben's starting to eat some soft foods, and if he had his way, he would eat all day. I have yet to find a food that he doesn't like!

And Wyatt, man oh man, how on Earth did I get lucky enough to have such a sweet, fun, handsome and personable son. I may be bragging just a little, but he just makes my heart burst. He is so polite, always saying his "please" and "thank yous", and I wish that I could bottle the energy that he possesses and use it on my tired days, because it seems that Wyatt is drinking coffee instead of water all day by the way he acts. His imagination is limitless and he is always looking for dinosaurs around our house.

This year, as soon as the snow was on the ground, I couldn't wait for Christmas.

I knew that Wyatt would be into it, and understand, be so much fun, and he certainly was. His excitement on Christmas was contagious. He kept saying "awesome, thank you Santa!" He even shared all of his toys with Ben, and was pretty sure that Ben's toys were his as well.

We spent the holiday with both of our families, Justin's family does Christmas on Christmas Eve, so we never have dueling families on Christmas day.

And this was my special project for the boys this Christmas. I have 25+ hours of work into it, but I know it will bring years of fun in return. Wyatt even spent most of Christmas morning hanging out inside. Each piece is an applique individually sewn on, the mailbox has mail inside, the watering can comes off to water the flowers, and the tree has four different types of fruit that you can interchange and pick off the tree and put in the basket!

Now that the presents have all been unwrapped and are starting to find their way to the homes in Wyatt and Ben's rooms, and we are all starting to come back down from our sugar high, life is starting to find its way back to a normal pace, a more relaxed livable pace. But is good.

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