Monday, April 18, 2011

Forward Momentum

I've sat down several times over the past month, my fingers resting on the keyboard. I've even typed out a few lines, gotten distracted, moved on to something else, only to come back and not remember where I was going and hit delete.

I've wanted to write about our overnight trip to Chena Hot Springs, and our visit to the ice park, about how spring is finally starting to make an appearance here and the familiar trickle of snow melting off the roof has returned. But, we've been busy. Busy may not even begin to describe it.

We've switched from normal mode, to survival mode. Abandoning things like sitting down, and sleeping all night and eating breakfast. No instead I've been studying until my eyes are slamming shut, then dragging myself into bed. Getting up with the sun and slamming down a cup of coffee or two before I head out the door, two sleepy boys in tow for another busy day at school. I'm counting down the weeks until summer break ( 4 including finals week!) But I know that soon after that, summer sessions begin. So we are trying to find little things in between to enjoy, like our overnight trip to the hot springs. It was a relaxing weekend, away from cell service, where we just enjoyed each other's company.

Ben found it especially relaxing
! 639 661 We made a evening trip to the ice park before the warming sun melted away the ice sculptures, one drip at a time. 787-2

We've tried to get out and enjoy the warming weather

And try new things (spaghetti for Ben!)
030 (2) 013 (2)

And I'll sure be happy when I can switch from survival mode, back to normal, or maybe, if I'm lucky, switch it to slow, enjoying the moment mode, even if it's only for a couple
days. 4
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