Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday At The Airport

When there was only one, the day was simple. There was no question on how to divide my time, or if a trip out was really necessary (and worth the trouble of getting everyone ready) no, we just went. Wyatt and I had so many fun days, little dates here and there. He'll always have a little special edge in my eye, I'm not going to lie. After all, he's the one who made me a Mom, so he'll forever hold that little special badge right there on his chest, saying loud and proud for all to see that he's the first born.

(making snow angels)

Lately though, as Ben Riley learns to move and groove and wants to laugh and smile with you and melt your heart in that way that little babies so easily do, I've started to notice a different reaction from Wyatt. Almost a little hurt, like the bounce had left his step. And even though I know that this gift of a sibling will bring him a lifetime of joy, friendship and companionship, I think that at his young age, Ben is just more of a nuisance who takes his toys.

On a particularly crabby Friday last week. I asked Wyatt what him and I should do, just us, no Ben, no Dad, just my firstborn and I. His response was clear and direct and I knew instantly there was no talking him out of that one. He wanted to go to the airport.

So Ben went off with Nana and Papa and Wyatt and I headed on out. When we pulled into the short term parking lot and got a space only a crosswalk away from the airport. I said a little thank you for small towns. And because we had (just by chance) timed it ever so perfectly, the airport was between flights, and therefore deserted.

We passed through the automatic sliding glass doors, and it was as if paradise had just appeared before Wyatt's eyes. The baggage carousel, the escalators, the big dead animals behind glass. (yes that's right). Not knowing which way to go first, he took off in a near sprint, me trailing closely behind, happy once again to live in a small town.

Several, well close to ten, escalator rides later, I finally talked him into heading home. We had thoroughly explored every nook and cranny of that airport that was available to us without going through security. And I'm sure the TSA agents were starting to whisper and wonder when our heads kept appearing over the bend of the rising escalator every few minutes, only for us to turn around and go back where we came from. Oh well, I just smiled.

Wyatt thanked me with a kiss as I strapped him into his car seat, and off we headed. Home again, listening to the garbage truck song on repeat, and at a volume that was just a little too loud. Home again to a brother and a Daddy and a world of Mommy sharing. But he talked for days about his trip to the airport, and I knew that when we were there, he felt like the only boy in the world.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Caught In The Act

I suppose Ben thought he had hit the motherload when he was able to reach his toy basket AND pull it over...that is until I called his name, then he just gave me the deer in the headlights, caught with his hand in the cookie jar look...
Uh-Oh! Busted!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ben Riley

It seems that I'm going to have to learn how to always keep my eyes open, because whenever I blink, even just for the slightest quick second, I open my eyes to find that time is passing me by ever so quickly. And Ben, who keeps ignoring my "stay little" messages that I whisper in his ear at night, is changing, transforming, awakening to his world, and itching so bad to be a part of the hustle and bustle and not just a spectator waiting on the bench to get in the game.

December 23rd was the 6 month mark for Ben Riley. Six months since the moment I first held his slippery little body in my arms. Six months since my heart grew to a size that I didn't know it could. Six months since I realized that siblings are the best gift a mother could ever give to her child.

1 month 6months

I can close my eyes and go back to that very day, the feelings, the tears, the smell of a brand new baby resting on my chest. Magic, pure magic. And he has lived up to that magical first meeting every day. He is the picture of content. A quiet observer. Happy to just be.

With Ben I have something that I never knew I was missing, cuddles. Wyatt, much like myself, wasn't and still isn't big into cuddling. Wyatt would never just sit and rock and be held, even as an infant. But Ben, my heart feels such a strong ache when I hold him. An ache that tells me it's being stretched to it's limits and is just on the brink of exploding with happiness. When I hold him in my arms, his little body relaxes into me and he lays his fuzz covered head against my chest, and gazes with those piercing blue eyes, right into mine. I could get lost in those eyes. Those eyes, I am quite certain, are home to some old soul, happily residing inside.

He's raring to go, trying to crawl, eating whatever he can get his hands on, toys included, and teaching us all just a little about what happiness really is.

Happy half a year Ben Riley!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Do You Measure A Year

*Something happened in the uploading process and I no longer have music with the video! So I added the music player to my blog for this so leave your sound on while you watch the video

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