Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who's Who

Sometimes I think I gave birth to twins...see if you can figure out which kid is which.

Wyatt is on the left and Ben in on the right,or Wyatt is in the top picture, but a lot of those pictures could easily be either one of them!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Same Lineup, Different Day

This has become a reoccurring event around here; The daily lineup...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gone Fishing

I had this vision in my head. Of a wonderful father-son fishing trip, where they would laugh and fish, and the sun would shine and birds would chirp cheerfully overhead. I would stand off to the side waiting to take that treasured first fish picture, and at the end of the day we would all retreat towards home, smiles on our faces.

The way it went was more like, Wyatt swings his pole back and forth a few times, smacks the water, gets it stuck in a tree, then just chucks the whole pole into the river, fusses and asks to go home. Not exactly the father son bonding experience I had imagined. I guess we will try again next year. He had fun for a few minutes at least. Maybe for next summer I will lower my expectations a little.

Still though, we don't get to see Daddy near enough with his work schedule, so anytime with him in special. And I love on long drives, such as the one to our fishing spot, where he reaches over and holds my hand. And even though we are sitting in silence listening to the radio, he tells me he loves me by squeezing my hand three times, still melts my heart after six years.

(on our honeymoon - Greece)

And when we arrived home, the sky gave us a grand finale, to cap off a not so grand day. But evening skies like this one serve to wash away the stress of the day. And I love having all my boys around me to gaze at the sky together.

Another thing I love about evenings when Justin is home, is being able to spend a little extra time cuddling my baby. Not having to rush putting him to bed so that I can take care of Wyatt. I love rocking him and feeling his head settle on my chest and his body sink down into my arms which are wrapped snug around his warm little body, as he drifts off to sleep. And how just like his Daddy and brother, as he falls deeper into dreamland, his mouth hangs open, just the slightest bit. I can't believe that two months have already flown by, and now my little is cooing and smiling and rolling around (or falling over).

When Wyatt talks to Ben (he calls him brother), he will call out, getting progressively louder until brother (aka me) answers. He starts with "hi brother", "hi brother", "HI brother!", "HI BROTHER!!!" So I've started conversations between them lately, and I have to try so hard not to laugh, but I am positive that Wyatt thinks it is Ben talking, and I can tell that he is tickled about it because he will keep randomly planting sloppy kisses on Ben's cheeks and giving him sometimes too tight squeezes.

As much as I want to treasure this time with Ben as a "little", I can't wait for the day that they can play together, and I don't have to do Ben's voice anymore for Wyatt. But, it will be here sooner than I think

P.S. Did I mention that Wyatt is now a DJ?

and that he has found a new favorite phrase?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3, 9...

Wyatt can count to 10! Of course by the time I pull out the camera he is starting to fade, but he still makes it to ten, eventually!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Sun, A Lot of Fun

I'm the type of person that has a few really good friends as opposed to lots of not so close friends. And even though now we are separated by (the lack of) time and space, when we do get to see each other I enjoy every second of it. Especially since we all seem to be in a race to pop out the kids!

And when my dear friends decide to come into town to visit, it is a wonderful excuse for a play date. We all gather around a toy covered floor and have to shout across the room over the rumble of kids playing. But it's oh so fun to see them run and play and steal each other's toys and make nice again.

Wyatt & Giraffe ................Holly with Ben

Wyatt cleaning house .......... Jennifer & AJ

Sariah ............ Courtney with Ben

Between five of us, we have 9.5 kids! (Jennifer is still baking one)

Jacob, Carter, Jessalyn, Aizlyn, Sariah, Kayla, Wyatt, Ben and AJ in the back!

And we couldn't let Jennifer sneak back out of town without taking a trip to her Grandparent's cabin on Harding Lake. The day wasn't quite as nice as we had requested, but still warm enough to have a little fun. Wyatt and Jessalyn had a ball chasing each other, exploring the woods, and riding in the canoe with their Daddies.

Here's to many more summers filled with wonderful memories and wonderful company!
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