Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Lump or Two?


How cute is that!? To see some more of Ben's 9 month photos click here.

And yes, that's right, NINE months!! But that's the last time you'll hear me say that until the 23rd because he is still my little 8 month old boy for another week. Lately, in his want to catch up to his big brother ways, he's been pulling himself up on anything that he can. But after a few minutes, panic sets in and he realizes that he doesn't want to let go, but he can't move, and he looks at you with the most desperate pleading eyes saying "please!!?? stop smiling at me and pick me up!!"

In other news, it's finally starting to feel like spring around here.

Another hour of light does wonders for recharging my solar powered soul. Suddenly I feel like being out and about and having fun with my boys. And one of the wondrous things about two year old boys, is that they are immune to stereotypes, to gender roles, to being embarrassed, to the imaginary force that tells us who we have to be. No, they are just themselves. They can spend all day with uncombed hair, and greet guests at the door naked from the waist down, and not even give it a second thought. I love that about two year olds. And for the past couple of days my little two year old has been asking me to do something...something that I was certain I wouldn't hear asked until the day we have a little girl in this house, he asked for a tea party. I had just been smiling and nodding at this request for the past couple of days, until this morning, while standing on top of a dining room chair that he had dragged across the living room, cradling my Japanese teapot in his chubby little fingers, he asked to "have a tea party and wear pretty hats." I couldn't resist.

A tea party is somewhat of a waste without a plate full of cookies in the middle. You know those kind that come in the Pepperidge Farm "entertaining" pack, with the mix of shortbread, and chocolate dipped wafers, yep those would do the trick. And I'm not one to keep these on hand for my guests who happen to drop by with white gloved hands to sip tea with me on weekday afternoons, so an impromptu trip to the grocery store was in order.

By the time I had laid the blanket out on the living room floor, arranged a plate overflowing with Pepperidge Farm goodness, and set out miniature cups to be filled with "tea" , I realized that the only hats in this house were of the baseball kind. So we scrapped the hats in exchange for a few more cookies.

Wyatt helped me pour his tea (aka warm milk) into his cup, that he held so delicately with one pinky pointed outward, in a way that would make you think he had spent many an afternoon sipping tea with the ladies...er..men.

I asked him, "would you care for a cookie sir?" And in reply, in the most polite two year old voice, that has just the right amount of high pitched glee, he told me, "oh yes, thank you sir!"

He continued on like this, as we munched on shortbread cookies and in between sips of tea, exchanged chit chat. Wyatt made sure to call me "sir" every time he addressed me, and didn't even tattle on Ben when he tried to swipe cookies every time I looked away.

It was a delightfully magical way to spend a morning, sitting cross-legged on my living room floor. And it made me hope, that my boys would stay just a little bit sheltered from "the way things are supposed to be" and instead, enjoy with me, moments like this. And if they felt it was necessary, wear a pretty hat.


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