Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wild and Precious

I have to remind myself from time to time, as I trudge through my days, do the grocery shopping and ponder about whether the socks on the floor are clean enough to wear again, that this isn't a practice run.

That this is it, my one wild and precious life.

No do-overs, no maybe next times, only now. I've decided to spend a little more time doing, and a little less time dreaming, thinking, planning, sitting around, (doing homework).

I've put more miles on my snow pants this winter, crawling through the powdery soft snow, or up to the top of the mountain, then I have in the past 6 winters put together that I've owned these snow pants. I've had plenty of snow find its way between my neck and my collar to make its chilly descent down to the small of my back. And I've slipped a time or two on my really (I mean really) not made for Alaska winter boots.

I've read the same book at bedtime, with Wyatt sunk into the pit of my crossed legs, two, three, even four times. And no longer are they boring to read through time and time again, because now, since the words play like a movie in my head, and I no longer need to glance at the pages, I can instead watch the face of my sweet little boy. Watch as his eyes light up, and a little smile creeps onto his face and turns up one side of his lip ever so slightly as I read through his favorite parts. And I can kiss his head as it leans into my chest and not even skip a beat, because the rhythm I mastered two read throughs prior.

And I'm starting to see, in this little boy of mine, wheels turning in his sharp as a tac mind. He has always loved being read to, but now he's the one doing the "reading" and I love to watch him and I can just see his pride swell when he turns the last page in the book that he is reading and watches me whoop and holler and congratulate him.

And when he reads to Ben, that's true heart melting material!

And in the spirit of taking on this wild and precious life, I did a little class skipping. But when it came down to sitting behind a desk taking notes and tapping my toes, or taking my little fireball on a dog sled ride, well, the choice was easy to make. My Aunt Marti is here visiting from New York, and My Dad arranged for her a private dog sled ride, and invited Wyatt to tag along. He talked about it for the whole week prior, with random outbursts exclaiming "Wyatt go dog mushing!!??" - And I of course, forgot my camera, so these are pictures compliments of my iphone.

He got his own little private ride and was on top of the world. All I heard about for the rest of the night was how "Jelly pulled Wyatt!"

And that wonderful Aunt Marti of mine came bearing gifts for my littlest, a beautiful handmade sweater and hat. There is nothing quite as cute as a tiny little knit on a baby, especially one that has been knit just for him.

I love seeing my family and extended family love on my little boys, smother them with kisses and hugs and see the love and happiness reflected back in both Wyatt and Ben's eyes.

I soak it in, the family, the snow, the books, the cuddling, the crawling on the floor until my knees hurt, the swimming on Saturdays. Because after all, this is it. And as Mary Oliver said, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

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